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How to Become a Health Insurance Broker in Rockford, IL?

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Blog, Health Insurance Broker in Rockford IL

If you’re looking for an exciting, growing, and lucrative new career in sales, becoming a health insurance broker in Rockford IL may be something you haven’t considered. But you should. It can be very rewarding. You get to help people find health insurance to protect themselves, the ones they love, and their financial future.

Starting a new career can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you partner with reputable general agents in your area. You will be in a team who is on your side, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Some general agents even offer a reimbursement program to cover the costs associated with getting your broker health license.

Health insurance broker in Rockford, IL enjoy decent pay in return for a short period of training. Each state has its own specific rules, but all potential agents can anticipate a general framework.

First, begin your criminal background check. Next, complete your licensing training and pass a state-administered exam. Finally, decide whether to become a captive agent or an independent agent. When you know what to expect and how to navigate the procedures, you’ll increase your chances of success.

What is Illinois’ rules with regards to health insurance? Ask your state’s Department of Insurance if they have information on completing the background check. If they don’t have the direct information, they should provide you with a website and/or contact information of someone at the state government level.

Review Illinois’ policies, and your general agents’ policies. Before you sign off or remit payment, you should always know exactly what you’re getting into. Review the policies for refunds and rescheduling your appointment. Also, if you have an arrest record, read carefully whether you can still qualify for licensing.

Ask for an appointment. Each state has a different procedure for completing the criminal background check. Read and follow the instructions carefully. Some states give you the option of scheduling your appointment online or on paper. Others have moved to a strictly online format.

Pay for the background check. Your state government should have a website detailing how to pay. Depending on your state’s regulations, you’ll either have to pay in advance or during your appointment. Fees also vary from state to state. Make sure you have a valid credit card or access to a certified check/money order. Some states don’t allow payment by cash or personal check.

Membership in health insurance broker in Rockford, IL associations and industry trade groups can help insurance agents in numerous ways. These organizations offer opportunities for professional development, help agents stay abreast of important industry news and events, and provide an important voice of advocacy in legislative and regulatory issues. They also can lead to key networking opportunities, which is an important business development tool for insurance agents and brokers.

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