When a local Aerospace company acquired a company twice its size, the benefits challenges were substantial. The organization needed to find a less expensive benefits program that didn’t sacrifice benefit levels or providers; bring a paper enrollment process online, and communicate the program to and assimilate newly acquired employees.

It was quite a task, but Laurie Miller was more than capable.

Miller got the company a free online enrollment system, assisted HR with assimilation and negotiated an employee benefits package that retained all benefit levels plus added additional coverages.

The Aerospace company saved more than $200,000 on its medical plan and got a two-year rate guarantee on the benefits and network.

“The customer service is phenomenal,” said the HR manager at the company. “She has a great team in place that is there to answer all our questions. She is not afraid to work on our behalf with our vendors.”

When Miller began working with a manufacturer of electronic dart games, she noticed quickly that the company did not have stop/loss coverage in place.

“The policy triggers if an employee has $25,000 in expenses. It doesn’t take a whole lot to go over that threshold with major surgeries or something else major that occurs within the year,” said the controller at the company.

“It made us sleep a lot better once we knew the coverage was in place,” she said.